At Least They’re Still Talking ... Budget Update


The end of the month -- and a major deadline for getting a state budget passed -- is getting ever closer.

Gov. Bruce Rauner is standing firm. He says he'll agree to raising taxes, if Democrats agree with his pro-business, union-weakening agenda.

Lawmakers continue to negotiate those items in private.

Representative Dan Brady, a Republican from Bloomington, is part of the talks.

He says the issues are "tender."

"You know the important part is that we continue to discuss, we continue to have communication, we have good representation from both sides -- the Senate and the House, from both sides of the aisle, And I think that that's encouraging," Brady said Tuesday.

No deal has materialized yet though, and it may not happen at all.

One Democrat involved with property tax talks says nothing is firm.

Workers' compensation and what unions can collectively bargain over with public employees are among the topics up for discussion.

Democrats have disavowed measures they say will hurt workers.

Story source: Illinois Public Radio