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Bill Allowing Medical Marijuana for Children Passes Illinois House


The Illinois House has approved legislation that would let minors with epilepsy use medical marijuana.

Lawmakers voted 98-18 Wednesday in favor of the measure. The bill would allow children with epilepsy to consume oil from the marijuana plant.  

Currently, only Illinois residents 18 years and older may use medical marijuana in the state's four-year pilot program.

Parents of children with epilepsy say consuming the oil reduces seizures and doesn't make children feel high. Opponents say the drug should not be further legalized.

But House Minority Leader Jim Durkin (R-Western Springs) assures opponents this change is not a slippery slope.

"No one's going to get high, no kid's going to get high or will be any type of addictive situation which will present itself," Durkin said.

The Senate previously approved the legislation in April, but has to vote again to accept a House amendment to prohibit children from smoking medical cannabis.