Bradley Manning Sentenced to 35 Years In Prison


Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, who was responsible for the largest leak of classified information in U.S. history, was sentenced by a military judge to 35 years in prison Wednesday.

He'll get about 3 1/2 years credit for time he's already spent behind bars.

More details (added at 10:30 a.m. ET):

— Manning is also to be dishonorably discharged.

— The maximum sentence possible was 90 years.

— Prosecutors had asked that he be given 60 years.

— Manning's defense asked for a 25-year sentence.

— Manning's lawyer plans to speak to the news media at 1:30 p.m. ET.

Also: "Manning's sentence will automatically be sent to the Army Court of Criminal Appeals," The New York Times adds.  "Before the next phase can begin, the entire court-martial proceedings must be turned into an official transcript, which both the defense and prosecution, as well as the judge, must approve; that process is expected to take considerable time. Pretrial hearings started in 2012, and the trial itself began in early June."

He could have been sentenced to 90 years in prison. Prosecutors had asked for at least 60 years behind bars. Manning's lawyer suggested no more than 25, because by then, some of the documents Manning leaked will be declassified.

Earlier this week, Manning told the mililtary judge at Fort Meade, Md, that "I'm sorry I hurt people. ... I'm sorry that I hurt the United States. I'm apologizing for the unexpected results of my actions. The last three years have been a learning experience for me."

Manning was convicted in July of most of the charges he faced, including multiple counts of espionage. But he was acquitted of the most serious: aiding the enemy.  As we've previously written, he admitted that in early 2010 he gave WikiLeaks "more than 700,000 documents, including battlefield reports and U.S. embassy cables."

Story source: NPR