Catlin Teachers Union Approves Intent to Strike


The teachers union in the Catlin school district has passed an intent to strike vote.


More than 80 percent of the members of the Catlin Faculty Organization approved the move, which gives teachers the right to go on strike if they choose.

Union President Lezlie Holman said a couple of issues teachers want worked out are better pay and changes to teacher evaluations.

“We feel that we are professionals who should be paid like professionals and treated like professionals,” Holman said. “We feel like we have the best interest of our students at heart, and it’s about time our school board listened to us.”

Catlin teachers have been working without a contract during this entire academic year.

School District superintendent Gary Lewis said he is hopeful an agreement can be worked out soon. The two sides plan to meet again with a federal mediator, but a date for that meeting has not been set.

Story source: WILL