Center for Public Integrity Names the “Sugar Daddies of State Politics”


One of the nation's top donors to state government was Illinois' Bruce Rauner, who used his personal wealth to propel his successful campaign for governor.

A compilation of campaign finance records put together by the Center for Public Integrity says Rauner was the seventh-biggest donor in the U.S. for last year's election cycle.

That's just counting the money Rauner put into his campaign committee before Election Day; since winning, the former private equity investor put another $10 million into his campaign fund -- money Rauner says he'll use to advance his agenda.

Also on list of  the 50 biggest donors in the nation?

Illinois' richest man, Ken Griffin, who gave $7.5 million in support of Rauner.

Further down the list, the Illinois Education Association --- the teacher's union which backed former Gov. Pat Quinn in the November election.

And finally, the Illinois Democratic Party, and the $3.9 million it spent, largely on legislative candidates.


Top 5 Illinois donors

1. Bruce and Diana Rauner 
$14.4 million contributed to 2014 state candidates

2. Republican Governors Association 
$7 million contributed to 2014 state candidates

3. Kenneth and Anne Dias-Griffin
 $4.9 million contributed to 2014 state candidates

4. Illinois Education Association
 $4.6 million contributed to 2014 state candidates

5. Democratic Governors Association
 $4.5 million contributed to 2014 state candidates

Source: Center for Public Integrity analysis of data from the National Institute on Money in State Politics, Federal Election Commission, Internal Revenue Service and state campaign finance agencies.

Story source: Illinois Public Radio