Champaign, U of I Police Address String of Campus Crime


Champaign Police and University of Illinois officers are working on a series of strategies to address a series of campus crimes the past two weeks.

That includes 12 incidents of mob action and robbery. 

The departments are deploying plain clothes and uniformed officers to monitor suspicious activity, and partnering with the U of I student patrol.

Tips include to avoid walking alone on campus, turning down electronic devices that can distract pedestrians, and choosing well-lit busy streets. 

"If you see something, say something," said UIPD Chief Jeff Christensen, in a press release.  "The UPID is encouraging the community to report suspicious behaviors to 9-1-1.  Every set of eyes and ears in our community is a valued partner in maintaining a safe campus.  The purpose of the crime alerts is to educate our community on potential threats, but also to seek assistance in identfying the offenders."

Most recently, Authorities charged an 18-year-old from Urbana - Aarion Sivels, with robbery after a 21-year-old reported being punched in the head and robbed Sunday.

Police accuse Sivels of being one of two suspects who approached the victim, asking to use his phone – and then struck him, running away with the phone.

Story source: WILL