Champaign, UI Police Investigating Blow Dart Attacks


Blow darts were the weapons used in two cases of aggravated battery in the Campustown area of Champaign on Tuesday night.

Champaign police say two people --- one man and one woman --- report being struck by blow darts in separate incidents, one occurring on South First Street and the other on East John Street.

The first incident occured at 8:25 p.m in the 400 block of East John. The 20-year old female said she was struck in the left forearm while walking in the crosswalk. 

In the second incident, the 35-year old male victim said he was struck in the left forearm while walking eastbound on the north side of Springfield Avenue, crossing First Street.

Both sought treatment at local hospitals.

Police say they have not identified any suspects, and ask anyone with information on the attacks to contact Champaign Police (351-4545) or Champaign County Crimestoppers (373-8477, or 373-TIPS).

University of Illinois Police are also involved in the investigation.

Story source: WILL