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Climatologist: Illinois Sees Wettest February On Record

A man uses a snowblower to clear snow from a sidewalk in Chicago during a February snowstorm.

Heavy snowfall in Chicago on February 11 was part of the wettest February on record in Illinois, according to state climatologist Jim Angel. Nam K. Huhn/AP

Illinois climate experts say the state saw its wettest February on record this year.

Illinois state climatologist Jim Angel says statewide average precipitation was 5 inches last month. That's 2.9 inches above normal. The measurement beats the old record of 4.4 inches in February 2008.

Streator had the highest reported monthly precipitation total at 11.4 inches. Cobden had 10.8 inches. Aurora had the highest monthly snowfall total at 26 inches. Chicago Heights had 25.5 inches of snow.

Angel says northern Illinois saw between 10 and 25 inches of snow while the rest of the state saw little snow. He says areas south of Springfield had less than an inch for the month.

The highest temperature recorded during February was 83 degrees in Belleville. The coldest temperature was Fulton's 16 degrees below zero.

Jim Angel has been the Illinois state climatologist since 1997. He works for the Illinois State Water Survey, part of the Prairie Research Institute at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.