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June Is The Fourth Wettest Month On Record

Muncie Farm in Danville with several inches of standing water. Danville received 12.78 inches of rain in June

Heavy rains soaked Muncie Farm in Danville leaving several inches of standing water in its wake. Danville received 12.78 inches of rain in June (Photo: Darrell Hoemann)

There was no shortage of rain this month, but rather a shortage of drainage solutions. Collectively, Illinois received 8.9 inches of rainfall in June making it the wettest June on record and the fourth wettest month in the state's history according to records dating back to 1895. Currently, the wettest month on record happened in September of 1926 when 9.26 inches of rainfall fell over Illinois.

However, July doesn't appear to offer much relief either. 

Illinois State Climatologist Jim Angel says the National Weather Service predicts above average rainfall every day for the next two weeks, which is especially problematic for some areas that are more prone to flooding.

"Statewide we're seeing some impressive numbers, but some individual sites are recording over 14 inches of rain for the month."

Places like St. Anne in Kankakee County recorded 15.32 inches of rain for June.                                                    

In Danville, Mayor Scott Eisenhauer is requesting aid for flooding damages. Earlier this month, eight inches of rain fell in just four hours. Overall, Danville recorded 12.78 inches of rain in June.

Illinois isn't the only state saturated with rainfall, Angel says it's a regional trend sweeping across the Midwest.

"If you look across the Midwest it is something similar occuring in parts of Missouri, Indiana and parts of Ohio, so we're the center of it," said Angel, "

Although July already promises more rain, other factors like Tropical Storm Bill and multiple thunderstorms contributed to the historic rainfall this month.

Angel says more precipitation is on the horizon, but that another record breaking month of rainfall is not in July's forecast (yet).