Danville Prison ‘Light Lockdown’ Through September 20


Illinois Corrections officials say cases of an illness that prompted a light lockdown at the Danville Correctional Center have dropped significantly, but it will continue two more weeks.

A press release shows there have 12 new cases of the Adenovirus since Tuesday, but just two over the last three days, and a number of the inmates are improving rapidly, after tests conducted by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

But Corrections Spokesman Tom Shaer says one housing unit at the prison will remain quarantined through September 20th, and remains on a Level 1, or most serious, lockdown. 

The rest of the prison will remain on a light lockdown.   

Symptoms of the illness include fever, headache, sore throat - and a mild cough.  

A total of 94 inmates among the 1,835 at the Danville prison are being treated for the virus.

Story source: WILL