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Davis To Trump: Get A “Thick Skin”

Donald Trump

Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. Gage Skidmore / Flickr

U.S Rep. Rodney Davis says he supports Republican nominee Donald Trump for president, because he believes the alternative of Hillary Clinton would be worse for the country. But the Taylorville Republican --- who previously supported Marco Rubio --- says Trump needs to get a “thicker skin” and “grow up” when it comes to criticism.

Davis says criticism is a daily factor in politics. And he says Trump is over-reacting to the criticism he’s received in the wake of his response to remarks made at the Democratic National Convention by the Muslim-American parents of a dead U.S. Army captain.

 “Don’t pick fights with Gold Star families,” said Davis. “That’s wrong. We should just say, thank you for their sacrifice. And these are the things that he’s going to have to learn as a new candidate. And I think the American people will give him the benefit of the doubt if he shows that he does. But he’s going to have to do it and do it quickly, because there’s only less than 100 days left before Election Day.”

Davis’ comments came at a news conference on the University of Illinois Urbana campus Wednesday with Democratic state Treasurer Mike Frerichs. They appeared together to promote ideas to strengthen 529 college savings plans --- including a bill co-sponsored by Davis to allow the plans to be used to help pay off student loan debt.