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Democrat Running For Congress Vows To Protect Small Business

Erik Jones, one of four people running for congress in the 13th congressional district

Democratic candidate for congress, Erik Jones Erik Jones

A candidate for congress in the Illinois’ 13th congressional district wants to do more for small businesses. 

Erik Jones is running in a crowded Democratic Party primary in the 13th district. He says small businesses are feeling the pressure in central Illinois. "Small businesses are incredibly important to our local economies. And, what we’ve seen in the last few years is that small businesses have been closing down and new businesses have not taken their place," Jones said.

Jones says student debt, health insurance concerns and regulations that favor big business are all pushing small businesses out. Jones says if elected, he will push for legislation that allows students to get through school without debt, allow anyone to buy into Medicare so they can start a business without losing their health insurance. And he would also tighten anti-trust laws.

There are four candidates running for the Democratic nomination for congress in the 13th district. They are Jones, Jonathan Ebel, David Gill, and Betsy Londrigan.