“Dressember”: Fighting Human Trafficking With Just One Dress

Dressember Logo, featuring a dress hanger and the word "Dressember".
Dressember Foundation

Apryl Mayes is wearing the same dress every day this month. She's taking part in the Dressember movement, created in 2009 by Blythe Hill, to raise awareness and funds to fight human trafficking.

Apryl Mayes in her Dressember dress.

Rachel Otwell/WUIS

Human trafficking is the practice of using people, mostly children, against their will for work that includes everything from sweat-shop factory work to sex-slavery. You can see a TED talk Hill gave about the Dressember project earlier this year, at this link.

Apryl Mayes is a lifetime Springfield resident and Montessori school teacher who was inspired by the project, and has gotten involved for the past few years. She is raising awareness about her campaign through social media and has already gotten some others to join the cause.

Rachel Otwell talked with Mayes about her experience and how it has changed her life, and how she hopes it could change others.

Story source: WILL