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Farmers Look For Trump To Deliver

Farmer Paul Jeschke holds an ear of corn on his farm near Mazon, Ill.

Farmer Paul Jeschke holds an ear of corn on his farm near Mazon, Ill. Darrell Hoemann/Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting

Some Illinois farmers say they’re pleased that President Trump is remembering his campaign promises to them.

President Trump spoke this week to 5,000 farmers at the American Farm Bureau Federation Convention – the first President to do so in 25 years.

Paul Taylor farms grain near DeKalb. He thinks it’s nice for Trump to remember farmers when governing. "He’s come through with a lot of his promises for the red states. His tax bill has included some things that will be good for the agriculture and the agricultural community and our family as well," Taylor said.

The new tax law raises the taxable threshold under the estate tax to $11.2 million. Taylor added that limiting the estate tax will help farmers make sure the land stays in the family.

Paul Jeschke farms in Mazon in Grundy County. He’s happy the president acknowledges the hard work farmers do. Jeschke hopes the president will turn his words into action — especially when it comes to renegotiating NAFTA.

"But the proof will only show up when we have a new agreement signed, or hopefully a new agreement signed, and see what’s in that deal," he added.