Larry Lieb, 69, feeds the cattle on his farm in Mode, Ill., on July 8. He says he feels safer having gotten the coronavirus vaccine. But he's not interested in trying to convince anyone else to get it.
Christine Herman/Illinois Public Media

Vaccinations for Rural Farmers

In rural areas with lower vaccination rates, Illinois farmers are now being called on to step up as trusted community voices to have conversations one-on-one with neighbors, friends, and family about getting the shot. To learn more, we spoke with a health reporter, a farmer, and a member of the National Rural Health Association.

The 21st—Tuesday, March 31, 2020

On Today's 21st: The coronavirus is affecting every part of the Illinois economy including farmers who sell to local markets. We heard how they’re coping with shelter-in-place orders.

Downtown Decatur, Illinois

The 21st—Thursday, December 12, 2019

As thousands of retailers have closed their doors, cities and towns are grappling with what to do with all the empty buildings. Also, House Democrats and President Trump agree that a new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico is good for our economy. What will that mean for Illinois farmers?

Gillian Flaccus/AP

Illinois Farmers Growing Hemp; Increasing Youth Suicide Rate; Meteorite At The Field Museum

Illinois farmers have been growing hemp legally for the first season since the state approved production rules in April. Is this cash crop paying off for growers? Plus, within the past decade, the death rates from suicide went up more than 50% among young people aged 10 to 24. We spoke with a psychologist and a student about what they’ve seen on the ground when it comes to teens and mental health. And, scientists at Chicago’s Field Museum are ecstatic about the latest addition to their collection of meteors. They say it’s in almost the same condition it was in billions of years ago.

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