Federal Prison Escapee Captured At U of I

Mug shot of Michael Ward from Champaign County Jail

Mug shot of Michael Ward from Champaign County Jail

(University of Illinois Police)

An escapee from an Indiana federal prison has been captured by University of Illinois police.  61-year old Michael Ward was discovered Monday night in the Undergraduate Library.

An officer on a routine patrol says he took notice of Ward’s suspicious behavior, and his off-white knit bag, which is typically issued to prisoners.

Police say Ward was deceptive when questioned, but records show he was a wanted fugitive.  The government-owned truck Ward had used in his escape from the federal prison in Terre Haute was later recovered near the intersection of Sixth and Chalmers Streets, Champaign.

He was taken into custody at 6:46 p.m. without incident in a library crowded with students and staff for finals week. 

Ward was immediately trasferred to the Champaign County Jail, and U.S. Marshals have been notified of his capture.

Ward is serving a 120-month sentence for wire fraud.

Story source: WILL