Foster To Run For Champaign Mayor

June 24, 2013

A member of the Champaign City Council says she plans on running for mayor in 2015.

Foster, who is a Republican, is from Champaign. She teaches pre-school at First Baptist Church in Savoy, and has served on the city council since 2007.

She was part of the city’s Stormwater Utility Fee Advisory Committee, which came up with the fee that residents pay to improve the storm sewer system.

As mayor, she said she would want to see development completed on the West Washington Street Watershed project, so that flooding issues can be addressed in an area west of downtown Champaign.

“It affects about 3,000 residents right now, and to be able to bring relief for them during a major rain storm is so important,” Foster said. “So, I want to see that to fruition, and then there are so many other projects concerning the infrastructure in our town that I want to see either get off the board or to continue.”

Foster’s term on the council ends in 2015, and she said she is not running for re-election. Meanwhile, Champaign Mayor Don Gerard, who is an independent, said he is seeking a second term.

Story source: WILL