Frerichs ‘Not Giving Up’ In Treasurer’s Race

Democratic candidate for state treasurer Mike Frerichs talks to reporters on election night

State Senator Mike Frerichs (D) waiting for results in his race for state treasurer.

Keenan Chan

Champaign Democrat Mike Frerichs says it may be a week before voters know who won the contest for Illinois treasurer.

Frerichs and Republican Tom Cross both ended the day with about 48 per cent of the vote. Frerichs told supporters on Tuesday night that he’s waiting for every last ballot to be counted.

“We find ourselves locked in a very close race." He said, "A race that’s very unlikely to be decided this evening.  There are a lot of provisional ballots out there, there are mail-in ballots out there.  So, we are not done.  We have not given up yet.”

Frerichs currently serves as a state senator. If he wins the race for treasurer, he would be the first Democrat from Champaign county ever elected to a statewide constitutional office.

Story source: WILL