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Gun Rights Group OK With Bump Stock Ban If Congress Makes Concessions


A central Illinois guns rights group says it is open to banning bump stocks, if Congress gives gun owners some other concessions. 

Bump stocks can cause a semi-automatic weapon to simulate a fully automatic weapon. Las Vegas gunman Stephen Craig Paddock used a bump stock during last week’s mass murder.

Some lawmakers are calling for a ban on bump stocks. John Boch with the group says the devices are a novelty, and not widely used.

He would agree to a bump stock ban--if Congress would allow greater concealed carry reciprocity and would legalize sound suppressors, more commonly known as "silencers."

Concealed carry reciprocity would recognize concealed carry permits across state lines.

"That is something I would certainly be supportive of depending on the details," Boch said.

Bock added the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms should review bump stocks for possible regulation first. Like the National Rifle Association, he opposes Congress acting first without an ATF opinion.