Hoopeston Hospital Now Part of Carle System


The head of Hoopeston Regional Health Center says by becoming part of the Carle Health System will mean more specialty services to the hospital and its clinics.

The integration became effective Thursday after being approved by the state in July.

Harry Brockus says this means more than 60 specialists, including cardiologists, oncologists, and radiologists will be available in cities like Hoopeston and Watseka. 

And with the help of one of Carle’s newest facilities in Urbana, he says those receiving mammograms won’t have to wait long for results.

"When you come in, whether it's a screening or diagnostic test, a radiologist at Mills Breast Cancer Institute is reading that at the same time you're having that done," he said.  "So literally, if you find something wrong, he's on the phone with the patient in the mammogram room, saying 'we found something."

The Hoopeston hospital will still have its own operating board.  

“By bringing Hoopeston Regional Health Center and its clinics into the Carle system, we ensure that high quality care continues to be available in the region and that care will be carefully coordinated,” said Carle Foundation CEO James Leonard.

The renamed facility will now be called Carle-Hoopeston Regional Health Center.

Story source: WILL