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How ‘Agroforestry’ Farming Could Help The Land And Climate

Kaitie Adams/The Savanna Institute

Kaitie Adams/The Savanna Institute

Illinois grows and sells massive amounts of corn and soybeans. But there are some farmers in our state who are trying something different: incorporating trees into the crops they grow. They say that this kind of integration, called 'agroforestry,' is better for the soil, the climate, and perhaps even the bottom line.

Brian Mackey guest hosted this conversation on the October 23, 2019 of WILL's statewide talk show, The 21st


  • Scott Williams, co-owner of Fields Restored, a farm in the town of Oregon, Illinois (roughly 30 minutes south of Rockford)
  • Kaitie Adams, farm and research manager at the Savanna Institute, a non-profit aiming to spread the use of agroforestry across the Midwest
  • Dana Vollmer, reporter at Peoria Public Radio