ICC Orders on Ameren Rate Cut


Utility company Ameren is disappointed with the Illinois Commerce Commission’s decision this week to order a $48 million delivery rate cut. 

The ICC announced its decision Thursday after reviewing electric rates proposed by the utility when it submitted its "smart grid" plans last year.

Ameren filed for new electric rates as part of a $625 million plan to upgrade the state's power grid. State regulators rejected those plans earlier this summer and asked for additional details in the utility proposal.

ICC spokeswoman Beth Bosch said the commission's decision "follows months of review of major financial issues."

The panel voted 3-2.

Citizens Utility Board spokesman Jim Chilsen said Ameren now needs to follow up on its plan to reduce electric bills and improve reliability.

“I think that’s our role now as a consumer watchdog is making sure that the company doesn’t charge us inflated rates, and also making sure that the company follows up on its promise, and actually builds a smarter grid that’s going to benefit consumers," Chilsen said. "The key question now is will consumers be slapped with the bill without getting any benefit?”

Ameren Illinois spokesman Leigh Morris said the utility is disappointed in the ruling and will file for a rehearing, which it has 30 days to do.

The ruling will only impact electric rates the next three months.

Story source: WILL