Illinois House Budget Plan Could Help Save SIU Student Paper


Southern Illinois University Carbondale's financially-struggling student newspaper would get an infusion of cash under newly introduced legislation.

A spending measure filed in the Illinois House would give The Daily Eqyptian $70,000.

The paper had asked for a nine-dollar-per-semester student fee, but the SIU Board of Trustees has not given approval.

The Daily Egyptian's faculty adviser, Eric Fidler said he is still hopeful that will happen this summer. But he says the $70,000 would be a buffer.

Fidler said the paper is an important training ground for student journalists.

"It's also important to the people in the community," Fidler explained. "The D.E. flies off the racks out in town. It's not just read on campus, it's read just as much off campus. It's a free sources of news and information for people."

But Fidler said like other newspapers, the Daily Egyptian is struggling with a drop in ad revenue. He says the student fee could raise upwards of $200,000 a year. He said it's necessary for the paper's long term stability.

SIU's new president, Randy Dunn, has said he will not let the paper go under on his watch.

Story source: Illinois Public Radio