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Local Task Force Formed To Try To Reopen Eagle Creek Resort


Faced with little action by state officials on reopening the Eagle Creek resort at Lake Shelbyville, local officials have formed a task force to investigate options.

Moultrie County Board Chairman Dave McCable is on the task force. He says it held its first meeting in June, and will likely meet against in July. The Eagle Creek Resort is located in the Eagle Creek State Recreation Area on the west shore of the central portion of Lake Shelbyville. But the resort closed six years ago due to mold problems, and efforts to find a private developer ready to shoulder needed repairs haven’t panned out.

This spring, the state Department of Natural Resources hired an engineering firm to see if a fix-up was even feasible --- but the state budget impasse put their work on hold. In spite of that, McCabe says, the task force will continue its work.

“You know in Springfield, the priorities maybe get pushed aside and moved on to something else --- rightfully so, probably --- but those of here locally know it’s important to our area, and I think we’ll keep on with that", said McCabe.

Besides McCabe, the Eagle Creek Resort task force also includes Shelby County Board Chairman David Cruitt, local mayors, area lawmakers and representatives from the Department of Natural Resources and the US Army Corps of Engineers.