Metro Unemployment Rates Continue To Fall In April


Unemployment rates in Illinois fell in all fourteen metro areas of the state compared to one year ago.

The unemployment rate in Champaign-Urbana was 3.2% in April, down 0.4% from one year ago, and 0.6% lower than in March.

Danville’s unemployment rate of 4.8% is the highest in the state, but down 0.8% from last year, and a full percentage point lower than last month.  The unemployment rate in Decatur of 4.4% is down 0.4% a year ago, and 0.8% lower than March.

Champaign-Urbana and Decatur gained 900 and 200 jobs, respectively, over the last twelve months. Despite the decline in the city's unemployment rate, Danville actually lost 300 jobs over the same period.

The statewide unemployment rate of 3.6% for April is lower than the nationwide rate of 3.9%. The Bureau of Labor Statistics seasonally adjusts the US unemployment rate, but the Illinois Department of Employment Security does not do so for the state and metro unemployment rates.

You can see unemployment rates for the last twelve months in the chart below.

Story source: WILL