New Proposal To Legalize Consumer Fireworks In Illinois


The 4th of July may have been punctuated by some fireworks set off in neighborhoods by residents who brought them in from a neighboring state. State Sen. Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) says Illinoisans should be able to buy those fireworks in their own state.

Rose said he saw a lot of fireworks for sale on recent trips to Kentucky, Wisconsin and Tennessee --- and saw a lot of Illinoisans crossing the state line to buy them. He said Illinois’ ban on most consumer fireworks sales is bad for the state’s economy.

"We're driving people across state lines," said Rose of Illinois' ban on consumer fireworks. "And guess what? It’s not just for fireworks. Because while they’re there, they’re going to buy a tank of gas. Oops, more sales tax for Indiana. They’re going to buy a dinner. Oops, more sales tax for Indiana. So why don’t we start by bringing some of those dollars back to Illinois?"

Rose said he is working on a bill for the spring session with House Deputy Majority Leader Frank Mautino (D-Spring Valley) that would legalize consumer fireworks. The sales tax revenue they produce would be channeled to rural service agencies, such as ambulance and fire districts and the University of Illinois Extension.

Currently, Iowa is the only neighboring state that shares illinois. ban on most consumer fireworks sales.

Story source: WILL