social group for adults with autism
Isaiah Seibert/Side Effects Public Media

How One Group Builds Friendships Among Adults With Autism

There’s an endless stream of advice online about how to make friends as an adult. The listicles and blog posts often mention that it’s harder for twentysomethings to form meaningful friendships. Making friends can be even harder if you’re on the autism spectrum, especially if you don’t live in a major city. But one group is trying to build those connections in rural America.

Lisa Gillespie/Side Effects Public Media

Why This Group Hands Out Free ‘Morning After’ Pills

Rows of silver and pink plastic packages sit on the bathroom counter inside Bean, a Louisville coffee shop. Each package carries these words: emergency contraception. The medication? It’s called Preventeza, from the company that also makes Vagisil. It was on the market for less than a year and didn’t do well – pills worth $2 million were sent to advocacy groups in Kentucky, Indiana and other states. 

Anne Polston holds her 2-year-old granddaughter.
Lisa Gillespie/Side Effects Public Media

Grandparents Are Raising Their Grandkids. Blame Opioids.

About 100,000 Kentucky children are being raised by people other than their parents – a number that puts Kentucky above all other states. Many of these cases are because of issues stemming the opioid epidemic: incarceration, abuse or neglect; and a great number of grandparents are raising these children. This can put a grandparent in a difficult situation in a state where many people live in poverty and have big health issues.

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