Paul Ryan Campaigns With Rodney Davis In Bloomington


Paul Ryan, one of the stars of the Republican Party campaigned in central Illinois for Congressman Rodney Davis Wednesday.

The Wisconsin congressman and 2012 vice-presidential candidate told reporters at the Central Illinois Regional Airport that the House GOP Majority and the Obama administration are already discussing the order of issues in the work agenda for after the election.

"Trade legislation which is important for opening up our agricultural markets oversees, particularly in the Pacific", said Ryan. "That's something that's going to come on the list fast. Tax legislation; we want to get tax reform to lower tax rates for businesses in America so that we are more competitive. We are going to have to find a way to deal with some of the budget issues."

Ryan says corporations are taxed in Canada at about 15%, while in America the top business tax rate is 45%. Ryan says he does not necessarily see a contradiction between lowering tax rates and government revenue and the goal of reducing the budget deficit because of economic growth he foresees from lower tax rates. He did not address a question about reductions in government programs potentially caused by the lag time between revenue cuts and potential future revenue growth.

Ryan praised the Obama administration for taking action against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, but says he wants a more comprehensive strategy fleshed out. And he didn't give the President too much credit.

"I worry that the President is going to make the same kinds of mistakes Lyndon Johnson made in Vietnam, which is he is going to micromanage  the war", said Ryan. "He's gonna micromanage the decision making. The reports we get about the kinds of micromanagement of targets and things like this are concerning."

Both Ryan and Representative Davis say the U.S. should not telegraph its moves by foreclosing options such as ground troops. Davis says he agrees with Ryan that the U.S. should do whatever it takes to destroy ISIS.

"We have to do everything we can to destroy everything about this group", said Davis. "This is the most radical terrorist most inhumane group that I have witnessed in a long time. We have to also remember that their fight is a fight not just against the west, not just against Christianity but, against their fellow Muslims."

Davis says he believes the estimated 31,000 ISIS soldiers can be disrupted with air strikes, drone activity, and missiles. Davis is running against Democrat Ann Callis in the 13th District in November.

On the political side, Ryan said he believes GOP chances to take over the Senate are good.

"And what that means for taxpayers, is that we can actually get the Keystone pipeline on the President's desk", said Ryan. "We can get energy legislation going. We can break the logjam; perhaps get a better downpayment on deficit and debt reduction."

Rodney Davis of Taylorville is running for a 2nd term as the congressman from Illinois' 13th District. He's facing Democratic challenger Ann Callis of Edwardsville.

Story source: Illinois Public Radio