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Candidate Interviews: 13th District Democrat Ann Callis


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I have just my proven record I did judge for 18 years I’ve lift listen
listen to thousands of cases and enlisted all the facts and come to conclusions
over and over again and as chief judge I was able to bring people
people together get things done I talk about our veterans course it’s been very very successful
help hundreds of Veterans it has an extremely low recidivism
Drake I was also able to start a mandatory foreclosure mediation program


program I was able to bring the banks to the table in the goshi this I knew I had
what had to be mandatory work so now in Madison County Oklahoma
foreclosed upon to get notice of this program and they can often
do the banks have to come to the table and associates and I just checked are
stats I grow up 220 230 homes being saved
age for Midland County Common lower income family so it’s something that I want
able to create and get done I mean I’ve always had an open door policy


as a chief judge in Night at night bad to continue that if I’m honored to be elected
and that is none of these programs in and reforms that I was able to affection
actuate what is gotten done without listening to the needs of the people that elected me there and I
and I hope to continue to do that do you see other areas as a
as a judge or maybe issues going on for the ground state and Madison County your region
region things that measures that need more teeth a number maybe things from illegal
legal respective other candidates wouldn’t see well I do know that’s interesting because


because I did see my eyes are really opened up when I travel around and go to
a lot of community centers and see what’s going on in in programs that they’re trying to start
start St Springfield Oregon Decatur where they buy I was a state
statewide beater restorative justice and problem solving Court San and we were able to create when I was 2
cheap the first Veterans Court in the state of Illinois if its that’s a model of
a problem for the court that help troubled veterans get back on their feet and become
a productive citizens again because it cost about 40,000


dollars a year to house an adult in the Illinois Department corrections it cost
twice that’s how the child so when I go to talk to the people in it and
and they have these types of programs going on but they don’t really have a connection
actions to our justice system so I really see that I could be a bridge
Bridge to the justice system that helps people the communities Chris Moore Park faceted
people are restored it and it say they have to go to program
the same model drug court mental health court in the oven Addison County Veterans Court Annandale


graduate from the programs like how could a good job how can they get the GED
the Andes type of programs are multifaceted I get a lot of work
work in Madison County also with truancy in a truancy court catching the children under 4
first falling through the cracks when they become truant and Cody’s types of program
programs I feel real opportunity for leadership to help people because my passion really
really is public service in helping people talking about budget issues your do you think the artist
discretionary spending programs that should face Deepercutt than other parts of our federal budget


I don’t know I mean I imagine there maybe some
come out there but right now I think that if you’re talking about you know
will Medicare Medicaid Social Security Akron Canton and should be like
the left alone okay are there eggs in anything that should be
reduced or are cut by some amount that that might be a waste
waste what does prime well I think we all we should look where theres if there’s any type of way
subway stand for on a Denon as a judge what I was able to do is bring people together


weather and get things done so that’s the same philosophy that I would
I would bring to the table if I am honored to be elected is and I think there are
there are some programs going on I think like he is worthy
US Attorney’s Office are looking at fraud in in Medicare or Medicaid
and it cracking down on that so sure on those types of issues but again
Social Security be to be a protected with the president
health care law now in a factory what changes do you see with the help


the health care in this country other ideas for health care reform again I think
you know if it does the president fly has been passed so you just don’t take a hike
Heikkinen and shut down the government because you don’t like what you see again
again I would a back on who I was as a judge and and again
bringing people together and trying to fix fix what’s with snow
what’s not working I mean if it cost for being raped
middle income families that should happen so let’s look at a res I think its off


solids folding now and you know we had the night the bad roll
roll out but let’s see what occurs let’s see what’s trending and and
let’s move forward and fix the problems let’s not go backwards
Congress has been criticized for not doing enough to dress gun violence of what would you like to see in a measure
well I’d like to see it you know that’s that’s interesting questions
I’d like to see that goes loophole closed on on gun shows because
does I talk to a woman that add an event to the few months ago


when to go and her dad was murdered and her dad
dads killer was getting pulled very soon and it was still a long time ago
still very very emotional for her and and she said to me
who said the thought of my dads killer going to be able to get out and party
purchase a gun at a gun show is it just a hit with devastating to her we had
have gun laws here we have gun laws associated with being a Jew
mentally ill in his come to the forefront and right before I left


left is chief judge I put together a task force of all the stakeholders involved
Titan in mental health issues and because there laws out there
and I always said communication in collaboration don’t cost a dime
pasta dien thoai lets get together and lets try this again solve this problem
problems just give you know information from all our mental health providers
Tigers all our law enforcement providers in an offer from a traditional perspective
hottystop down from the bench to to do this so I have been noted


Vybz Kartel quick a turnaround you miss being a judge I will I will
address for 18 years and I miss you very much the people in the relationships that that that
that has grown over the years but I’m ready for a new changes and you know III
why add to one of my inspiration of doing this has has been my children I told you my daughter
my daughter is a teacher and my son also
when I was contemplating whether to get in this race is it was a huge decision
I had the honor to see him be sworn in as a second lieutenant and I thought


star that he wasn’t afraid and he was still proud to serve his country and I thought I should
Andy I’m afraid to serve mind so I am in this race is now
Army Ranger in just was deployed to Kuwait so I know there might be some
dark days in this campaign but he I really draw inspiration because what I’m going through
really anything compared to what he’s going through

In May of last year, Ann Callis abruptly stepped down as Madison County’s chief circuit judge in May of last year, after serving 18 years on the bench.  The Democrat is among the candidates running in Illinois' 13th Congressional District.

The Democrat said it was time to 'use her experience to help people in new ways' when stepping down last year.

She entered what became a crowded field for the office, facing two other Democrats, and three Republicans, including incumbent Rodney Davis.

Illinois Public Media has spent the last few weeks talking to the other five in the race, leading up to next week’s primary.   The full page of candidate interviews, and sound clips on specific issues, can be found here.