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Prussing:  Victory Shows People Approve


Urbana Mayor Laurel Prussing has won a third term in office, beating Republican challenger Rex Bradfield a second time.

Prussing topped Bradfield 63 to 37 percent Tuesday.  Bradfield took 32-percent of the vote on a 4-way race for mayor four years ago, while Prussing earned 53-percent.

She said the priority now is the budget, and how the state’s fiscal problems could have an impact locally.

“Because of the recession - and the problems the state of Illinois has, which they may try to shift to local governments," she said.  "And that’s a real problem for us.  We really deal with things every year very realistically.  We don’t put things off because we can’t.”

The Democratic Mayor Prussing says vote totals show most people approve of upgrades like the Boneyard Creek beautification project, the renovation of the Urbana Landmark Hotel, and additional bike paths.

But Bradfield said those funds will be needed in other areas.

“I think they’re going to have a lot of problems with the money that they’ve spent on the Boneyard Creek, and the hotel not being available to do things that would increase the tax base," he said. "I think that money is going to come to haunt them.”

Bradfield blames low voter turnout for his loss, saying it’s terrible more people don’t exercise the right to vote. 

But he said Prussing gained votes from neighborhoods unaffected by her changes, like the additional bike paths in Urbana.