Rauner Made $53 Million In 2012


One of the Republicans running for governor had a very good year in 2012. Bruce Rauner released his tax returns Monday, and says he made more than $53 million.

When people say, don't work for your money, make money work for you, this is what they're talking about.

Rauner's 2012 tax returns show he and his wife made almost all of their money on interest, capital gains, and real estate.

The line on his tax form for W-2s, where most people report "wages, salaries, (and) tips," shows zero dollars.

Rauner is far-and-away the wealthiest candidate among the four men competing for the Republican nomination. That's really saying something, since the others are a former executive, a corporate lawyer, and a real estate developer.

In a statement, Rauner says he's worked hard for his money, and feels "incredibly blessed" about his success. He says, if elected, he'll put his money in a blind trust.

Story source: Illinois Public Radio