Rep. Hays: Tweaks to Concealed Carry Are ‘Negligible’


Before Illinois’ first concealed carry permits have even been issued, there are efforts on each side of the issue to change the measure granting them.  But one East Central Illinois lawmaker said any chances for their passage are slim.

Recent efforts to change the new law include a proposal to reduce the number of required training hours for obtaining a permit, and another forbidding the carrying of concealed weapons on any property where there isn’t a sign specifically allowing them.

And State Representative Chad Hays (R-Catlin) cites another measure that would require firearm owners to register every gun they own sponsored by House member Kelly Cassidy, a Chicago Democrat.

"It's probably a bill that makes some of the folks in their district - very small, compact, urban district - feel a little better, but the chances of something of that nature passing, specifically after we had this robust, protractred debate on the right to carry last year - I think the chances of that really are non-existent."

Rep. Brandon Phelps of (D- Harrisburg) agreed with Hays, saying this week that it’s too early to tweak the law.

Legislators return to Springfield on Tuesday.

Story source: WILL