Rutherford Employee Resigns, Alleges Sexual Harrassment


A man who says he was a victim of sexual harassment by Treasurer Dan Rutherford has submitted a letter of resignation.

The man, who does not want to be identified, submitted the letter Monday, but did not release a copy of it.

The alleged victim describes unwanted advances by Treasurer Rutherford, and accuses Rutherford of trying to force state employees to work on behalf of his campaign for governor.

Rutherford denies the allegations. He was at a Chicago Tribune editorial board meeting Monday.

"I've managed hundreds of people, both in my government office, and my private sector office -- 22 years," he said.  "Not one time, ever, has there ever been an allegation against me," he said.  "And we are now six weeks before an election. We are six weeks out, and now for the first time in over two decades something like this comes up."

Rutherford has maintained a political rival in the race for Governor, Republican Bruce Rauner, is somehow behind the allegations. Rauner denies that.

It follows a bizarre news conference Friday, in which Treasurer Rutherford denied allegations, without revealing just what he was denying.

Story source: Illinois Public Radio