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Scorsese to Produce Documentary on Roger Ebert


Oscar-winner director Martin Scorsese is partnering with "Schindler's List'' screenwriter Steven Zaillian to produce a documentary about famed Chicago Sun-Times film critic and Urbana native Roger Ebert.

Ebert announced the documentary Friday on his Twitter account.  The film will be based on Ebert's 2011 memoir "Life Itself.''

Southern Illinois University graduate Steve James, who directed the critically acclaimed documentaries "Hoop Dreams'' and "The Interrupters,'' will direct the Ebert project.

Ebert's memoir details the Pulitzer Prize-winning critic's early years, his time with television co-host Gene Siskel and his battles with cancer.

Cancer surgery left Ebert unable to speak in 2006. James says Ebert's story is "one of great personal struggle and triumph.''

Ebert says he "couldn't be happier'' and never thought of his book as a film.

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