Senate Approves Obama Plan To Train Syrian Rebels


The U-S Senate has approved a plan for the military to train and equip Syrian rebels, clearing the measure for President Barack Obama's signature.  

The vote Thursday was 78-22 for broader legislation that also provides money to keep the government operating after the end of the budget year on Sept. 30.

The measure was one of the last on the shortened congressional agenda ahead of November's midterm elections.  

The Senate vote crossed party lines.  

Some Republicans backed a major plank in the Democratic president's strategy to defeat Islamic State militants. Several Democrats broke with Obama amid fears of U.S. ground forces being dragged back to Iraq for a Middle East conflict.  

President Obama welcomed the Senate's vote. In comments made at the White House, he said it shows the world that Americans are united in combating the Islamic State group.  

Obama says Islamic State terrorists thought they could frighten or intimidate the U.S. through the barbaric murder of two Americans.  

He says they're learning the same lesson that others have learned. He says Americans don't give in to fear, but rather pull together and stand together.  

Obama says U.S. airstrikes against Islamic State targets will continue. But he says U.S. troops will not have a combat role on the ground in Iraq or Syria.  


Story source: AP