Senator Bennett Faces First Election In 52nd District


Champaign Democratic Senator Scott Bennett became part of the legislature just as Republican Governor Bruce Rauner took office, and a state budget stalemate prolonged through the past fiscal year. But this fall marks the first time Bennett, who was appointed in 2015 when Mike Frerichs was elected Illinois Treasurer, has campaigned for his seat.

The Democrat says he agrees with Republican Governor Bruce Rauner on some reforms to boost Illinois’ economy, including worker’s compensation.  But the senator says Rauner is not willing to budge on a laundry list of others. 

Bennett noted that Democratic lawmakers have tried to address a couple of the governor's priorities, including worker's compensation reform, and freezing property taxes.

"(Legislators) don't see any incentive to move," he said. "If the governor's not giving you credit for the steps you're taking toward the middle, then they're not really inclined to join in that."

Addressing funding for higher education, the Senator hopes to file a performance-based plan next month that provides multi-year funding to institutions like the University of Illinois as long as guarantees are made for financial aid, tuition rates, and graduation rates.

The Senate's 52nd District takes up most of the population of Champaign and Vermilion Counties. Bennett faces Republican Urbana Alderman Mike Madigan in the November 8th election.

Story source: WILL