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Sens. Durbin, Kirk Favor Airstrikes In Iraq


Illinois’ two U-S Senators have each come out in favor of airstrikes against the militant Islamic State organization in Iraq.  But both senators say th​ey have doubts -- and for different reasons.

Despite Republican Senator Mark Kirk’s support for airstrikes, he says he’s worried the U.S. isn’t doing enough to protect Kurds in northern Iraq.

"It’s not going to be effective," he said.  "Just a couple 500-pound bombs dropped on a truck towing an artillery piece is not going to change the political dynamic."

Kirk says he’s concerned that the Islamic militant group ISIS could emerge much stronger from the ongoing conflict.

Meantime, Democratic Senator Dick Durbin wants to make sure the U.S. doesn’t do too much.

"We have many Americans in the city of Irbil," he said.  "What the president is doing is protecting them and giving the Kurds a chance to fight back against this ISIS terrorist onslaught."

Durbin says the U.S. shouldn’t send ground troops to Iraq.

Instead, he says the United States should take a supporting role to the Kurds who are leading the fight against the Islamic State group.