Snow Hits Upper Midwest

Snow falling outside Illinois Public Media

Snow falling outside Illinois Public Media.

Brian Moline/Illinois Public Media

The first significant winter storm of the season has hit parts of the midwest before winter itself.  Some areas of northern Illinois and Iowa have reported more than a foot of snow as a storm moved through the area Friday night and Saturday morning.

The Champaign-Urbana is forecasted to receive anywhere from 1-3 inches of snow on Saturday.  National Weather Service meteorologist Bruce Sullivan says that Marengo, Illinois received 12 inches of snow overnight.  Marengo is located about 65 miles northwest of Chicago.

The slow-moving wintry weather is putting a stop to some flights in the Chicago area.  The flight-tracking website showed Saturday morning that about 250 flights in and out of Chicago's O'Hare International Airport had been canceled. The airport had 4 inches of snow early Saturday.  Midway International Airport, which is in the southeast part of Chicago, only had about 100 departing and arriving flights that had been canceled by Saturday morning. 

As of 9:00 Saturday morning, one Saturday flight from Willard Airport in Champaign to O'Hare had been cancelled according to Flight Aware.  All other flights in and out of Willard were still on schedule.

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