Suspect In Custody In U of I Sexual Assault, Abuse Cases


Champaign Police have arrested a suspect in connection with two seperate incidents early Friday morning in the University of Illinois' Campustown neighborhood.

Police say Paul Rouse, 29, of Schaumberg was taken into custody at his apartment in the 900 block of S. Third Street Tuesday night.  He allegedly entered an apartment building on Green Street between 3 and 4 a.m. Saturday, and entered the bedrooms of two different residents.

In each incident, police say female residents awoke to find a suspect lying in bed next to them.  When the man was confronted, he ran from the apartment.

In a press release, Champaign Deputy Chief Troy Daniels said his department "expended significant time and resources following up on leads and processing information obtained during the course of the investigation."

Officers are urging residents to lock their doors and windows, and if someone is confronted by an attacker, to pay close attention to physical characteristics. 

Champaign Police urge victims to use their loudest voice to scream for help, but if there is no one around, scream "NO!", and to hold your hand in a stop position as you are backing away.

Story source: AP