Third Party Hopeful In 13th District Congressional Race


A Springfield man wants to join the race for the 13th Congressional District. 

Josh Dill, 30, wants to run as a third party candidate. He has formed the Lincoln Liberty Party. Dill, who works full time as a Wells Fargo loan officer, said he hears dissatisfaction among voters with both Democrats and Republicans.

"Everyone I talked to said they always vote for the lesser of two evils, for the most part,” Dill said. “What we wanted to do was give everybody an option to vote for someone they actually believed as opposed who was better out of the two."

Dill said he believes government should be responsible for making sure people are healthy and educated. He backs a single payer health care system. But his platform also calls for less government. That includes making marijuana legal and a simplified tax code, which he said would help individuals and small businesses.  

Dill has never run for political office before.  To get on the ballot this fall as a third party candidate, he needs to get the required number of petition signatures filed this summer. 

There are primary races in the district for both Republicans and Democrats this spring. 

Story source: Illinois Public Radio