U Of I Alma Mater Rededicated


A familiar face recently returned to the University of Illinois campus. The Alma Mater  got her official welcome back today.

Dr. Ollie Watts Davis, professor of music at the University of Illinois, opened up the Alma Mater Rededication singing the official state song, “Illinois.”

Hundreds gathered at Alma Mater Plaza in Urbana in support of the iconic sculpture.

The ceremony marks Alma’s official return to campus after almost 20 months of conservation work.

The sculpture was created by U of I almnus Lorado Taft in 1929. His granddaughter, Jean Taft Douglas Bandler said creating the Alma Mater was an honor for him. 

“This embracing Alma Mater, flanked by Labor and Learning, is what the University of IllInois gave to Lorado Taft and that is what it stills provides for its alumna and for its students,” Bandler said.

Member of the Alma Conservation Committee, Christa Deacy-Quinn said taking better care of the sculpture will help preserve the recent repairs.

“She’s in better shape than ever before, ready to greet future generations,” Deacy-Quinn said.

Alma turns 85 years old on June 11, 2014.

Story source: WILL