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Ukraine Deal Takes Effect, But Protesters Remain In Place


An agreement between Ukraine's president and the opposition is taking effect.  The country's parliament has voted to restore a previous constitution that limits presidential powers -- a move that was part of the agreement signed Friday.

The country's president had changed the constitution in 2010 to increase his powers. Although he retains an apparent majority in parliament, his powers are now significantly reduced.
Lawmakers also approved an amnesty for protesters involved in violence during a months-long standoff over Ukraine's future.
The deal calls for presidential elections to be held this year, instead of in March of next year. And Ukrainian authorities are supposed to name a new government, including opposition figures, within 10 days.
Despite Friday's agreement, protesters who are angry over police violence are showing no signs of abandoning their camp in central Kiev. Speakers on a stage in Independence Square have said they're not happy, and didn't get what they wanted. And the mood in Kiev remains tense.
The standoff worsened sharply this week with scores of people killed and hundreds of others wounded in the worst violence Ukraine has seen since it became independent in 1991.