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good news for Ukraine the former Soviet republic when its first Winter Olympic medals
metal since 2006 on Monday when fetus in a rental to the bronze
womens 7.5 kilometers Bayamon sprint Olympics
Theseus a baby dolls for 2012 cranium woman demonstrating in


inmate in square since November protesting the progression
president vickiana Kovich Meadows and Damned focus with talking about
about the political unrest in Ukraine University of Illinois political science professor
professor Carol s via los student and Ukraine native Irena Sendler

focus continues after the news
welcome to


how to focus on Jim Meadows some fast facts about Ukraine it’s the
largest nation in terms of land mass that is located holy in Europe
European portion of Russia is larger it has four times the land area of Illinois
nearly 4 times the population crane is a bread basket a major exporter of grey
brain and other crops and Ukraine is name checked in the classic beetle song back in the US
the USSR of course Ukraine hasn’t been part of the USSR for more than
for more than 20 years is part of the collapse of the old Soviet Union Ukraine to claritin


independence in 1991 ratified by a referendum
what Russia’s current leaders want to keep Ukraine in their sphere of influence
how many Ukrainians hope to reach out to Western Europe lead to the current moment
in maiden Square in the Ukrainian Capitol Kia where tens of thousands
Ukrainians have been demonstrating since November against the president of victory
Viktor Yanukovych for resisting closer times to the European Union
abut I’ve left a lot of details that I hope we can fill in during this hour of focus


provide the details about your friend I want to welcome to members of the University of Illinois
Illinois community to the program today Carol left is an associate professor political
little science at the U of I and Irina to not Scott is a n*****
native of Ukrainian currently a unified law student and Carol and Irina welcome to phone
the focus good morning to you before we get into the questions and answers I want to invite you to ass
who to ask your questions about Ukraine as well you can call us at 1
802 to 29455 you can send email to will dashed


talk at phone number again 1 800 222
222 wyll besides phone or email you can reach us on Twitter
Twitter on Facebook at focus 580 Carroll
Carol I was wondering cuz we’re looking now at the start of tug of war
war between of the European Union and Russia with Ukraine in the middle
the middle and I’m what is this tug of war originate
will sexually very old because of the on position


dimensions of Ukraine in between Russia and the rest of Europe
Europe and also a is in True Lies if there are liens
Harley with chicken regional differences within Ukraine on with the West in central have
call having more at the Q train and Ukrainian speakers and and east and south
South having even the significant ovulation method Russians and others reset phone
how to speak Russian Andertons to be someone different orientation between the two
regions on that reflect shelf in not just now but in


in politics Ukraine from the very beginning you want to look at a map from electrical
Neil electro geography which is a website that you can see
election of the red states blue states that the western central
central tendency vote more for Kansas to rent a tour the west and the east
east and south Civil War for candidates for the train to Georgia Russia
Irina maybe you can talk about this you’re from the westerns
section of of Ukraine you and your family medicine and the Dozen


doesn’t work like that it is as far as it is far is how you feeling most people you know
w no one that part of the country um hot how do you feel about things politically
absolutely the wise is blessing Ukraine is definitely on focus towards the west
watch stores in Europe and the east is always been traditionally
and even though you’re getting Livermore divided is still looking to the east
now how to display out in the Orange Revolution of 2004
4 a.m. What was almost a classification of course it’s important because the


the protests end of the presidential election 2004
or or kind of a precursor you can see on a very simple mobile
and in that year the up and coming
President was retiring after his two terms and union Clovis
the current president of as a successor on the coast
which was strong in Houston south infected campaign in Russian
what is the time and Houston co the eventual victory after the protest


how to space and his policies
alexis y faciles training an American on and cheese
you break the idea that join the EU and so forth electoral map shows
shows that each other stronghold well that election was stolen
and that triggered the protest so there’s a very focus event justice arias
where is the time only was about electro fairness which in some respects abroad
broader issue on but it is so the Orange Revolution


oceans that occurred after the first result came back in and out
electro forensics could show you on this is element in an inch
in the election of Trance that were over a hundred percent in
and in late returns from the Russian River regions wind in inches
in shape but larger Illinois area have seen this in Chicagoland Paula 64
um but you at the point at which it appears that Young
Jana Cova going to be declared the winner of the protest broke out so on


you have the same kind of divisions you do now over the only over
A specifically electoral fraud issue now in Seoul
so interesting because of the Arts Revolution and I want to ask why aren’t what’s the significance
significance of iron on Lido European politics has with a circle
color coded so parties tend to have a new back to the 19 century
century where greens were patrons for farmer parties and blacks for conserving
the parties for the black color of the clergy on b***


is a without is as much as symbolic significance parties tend to adopt
adopt a color that is so they can be recognized in demonstrations info for
the fourth and the Houston co campaign in his party adopted the color or
orange the wind when the fraudulent elections for challenged
the color of the Revolution became orange for the candidate that they say that the protest
protesters felt on have been on defrauded his victory
well you should children did take office that’s right what if you years later in 2010


when is the end of Covert was elected president in India
collision also been Prime Minister in the intervening time for a while
which is why I say you can oversimplify this because there were supporters again college
the part of it was a part of his something is the tree was that the dissolution
Asian after the Orange Revolution its not cleaned up the way it should have been
is it that is Athens look to you Irina do the umm did the reformer
farmers not do as effective jobs they promised absolutely I am the Chive


betrayed a lot of people’s opinion creams that they tried to send
did not without the corruption in time and a captain in the office and eventually just tobacco
tobacco ver so we bring up to this moment
moments and I understand it was in November where not president day Jana Cova
which of America clear that he was not going to sign an association
the green with the European Union witches what’s the word been leading up to to do
to do but instead because the closer economic ties with Russia and


and you know it you know if I say something like that in America
maybe NAFTA would be that controversial but the most people don’t think about
about trade agreements with that much with without the fire and spark
but here the really was a lot of fire in Sparks Nevada when are you gonna call me that decision
decision and that’s when demonstration started I take it
Reno tree decal free cream Stephen enter the EU it cost
35 years to get a visa to go to be there in about 300


are students were hoping for the temperature need to be able to travel abroad to be able to study
study and um really just grow so it is because
because they were the one for really hope future honest Invisalign
alot of a lot of people in Ukraine you’re talking about young people look to you
Europe to Western Europe as a place as as as a place to party
future absolutely they look to the way things wrong the standards
regulations on the same thing as the one in the body Gentry university without having to pay


bribe they won the standards so closer times with Russia
Russia instead what would that signify for them images signify going back to
things were going back to the Soviet era and essentially corruption
Robson and just being stuck in one place the way they have been for the Sears center demonstrate
demonstration to taking out in maiden Square in Anaheim Osama Carolina take your telling me that
that the word maiden means Square so what if I say maidens where I’m saying
Square square well McDonough tree the


bridges of the friend actually means on a playground field
feels like I have a soccer field is my dog is so um
is dysentery mean to square b*** frozen pendants
McDonalds licenses Independence Square so it has been so the significances
is a set of a national site that that that belongs to the country
tree recycling something like say the National Mall in Washington DC for for for
for for for my country oblivious now I understand you’re here


you’re here with your family in the United States you’ve been here since 1999 since
1999 and but you still have extended family back in Ukraine
anime send some of them are taking part in the protests yes I both friends and family
family & R taken for the protest both in 2004 and now they’re doing
doing it either going to Kiev Ralston v. Which is the theme from in western Ukraine
as you know it the pros of having all over the country so
speeding in a tough what’s a size 10 tens of thousands


2070 Ave in another cinema in a smaller City likely be what’s what size do
do the protists get to are they get into um 10000
people from all around region coming there black eating bear factory
f****** military side so that you wouldn’t be able to access actual city
and the reason is different because the west of motor does support the people
the government of the people our mayor actually said that they would not allowed
batkid which is the Ob River of the protest police to Angeles City


and military is actually working with people this is 40
is focusing were talking about the current prices in Ukraine with Irina Slutskaya she’s Navy
native of Ukraine at a law student at the University of Illinois and Carol
Cara left political science professor at the U of I if you have questions about Ukraine
Ukraine call us the phone number is 1 800 222 94551
51 800 222 wyll email address his will
will dash talk Illinois dot edu Ron focus brother Facebook


Facebook and Twitter at focus 580 have you talk to people
how to people back home about what its about what it’s like being part of these protests
what was the experiences like I’m sorry I was just sung on the phone with a friend of mine who lives in K
Incubus morning and Jason its not going from the munchies cream
currently working with the front of his who is the rest of the students use walking
walking down the street and Tori and there’s a profiling
young people so dangerous to even be on the streets really cute dresses for 2 weeks


week so there’s no one’s there is no evidence supporting that he was part of the revolution
protest the best way to start Swift and screaming presents to find charges he was in
demonstrate he wasn Kia dealers in KS J & I
understand their head there had been loss um cinemas president again
against all odds by the by the by the government anyway against the protests
fast switch and then been rescinded a prime minister resigned
SSN for to to other comp things down


Carol do you see the Saints have any effect with a haven’t fr
is it clear what are the things that was too in the Orange Revolution
Aleutian is going to be part of the story to in in some way is one of the reasons
reasons the situation was resolved is that the the Constitutional Court of Ukraine
pain pills a legal action to rerun the election
election at this time the president is is is roping for
an exit strategy that would also be


constitutional even as what’s happening on the street is it particularly legal
Anna’s Linens stores of anger
what what what he did first which was extremely stupid in
January was to ramsrule a bunch of a package of anti protest
the protest law on things that we would consider it would be you
that made sex valia find extremism
healthy things that I would a curvy action


action of independence of a society groups in so forth and then
mental health and and and and he has a back down and and Parliament
reverse itself sew on a button but at the same time he offered
he offered the Prime Minister ship to some of the opposition leader
leaders who turned it down because what they’re asking for now is new election
elections so that that the public gets a chance choose the leaders
self as president doesn’t just passed the time to someone


search sounds like originally this was about the European Union associate
Losi 8ight agreement and now its become something larger its it’s about the government power
yes in and go back to their just one thing that I
that I think we should discuss at least later on is the interesting things on Kobe
actually was initially Association green with you and miss going head and look like
looks like he was going to find me what is a customs union with Russia
rush is an alternative really wasn’t on the table into Russia started meaning


Ukraine and what makes it possible to the economic crisis affair
something we can think about is you some control in with with with Russia
Russia and also controller who’s in charge what parts do you want to get to in the moment
what’s the word head and take a phone call we have online 1 Paul from Champaign County good
good morning urine focus yeah I wanted to be is nuance
is it like to be in a short phone call I could but uh I support both sides
Augusta and I’m a tree good that the fact that there are two sides in Ukraine


train from the very beginning I support in opening anime porn
political opening but the problem is it doesn’t get the talk about much is the use
austerity program with Sean many Ukrainians
install a religion is the Orthodox religion in Greece RRR
are suffering from was part of what the what was included so uh
the US is all very much in French
favorable political of freedom but I ain of the the


the other parts of the UN Charter for instance uh uh
economic a justices if its not on there gender
and when you have example of the Snowman woman assistant secretary state
state I guess so I’m not sure exactly a position as I do have in front of me but um
this week phone call where she is moving the players
players in the Ukrainian opposition around like on a chessboard and things that guys out
Guys and then then blanking Uatu in Ohio


it’s so uh ha of the US is wasted on guitar
f*** off f*** revelations of spying on phone calls but um
so I just think it’s even calling also has a blister in the Sun
10 things to talk about much in Ukrainian opposition and I don’t want to
paint the mall in a broad stroke but it doesn’t Clute some very very I
reactionary anti Semitic up for you to come in on
I just I just think there’s a misapprehension distortion of the Cold War


are there earlier crisis that happened vis-a-vis the US in
Russia that I think it is kind of Illuminati ignorance of the Sun
the circumstances the previous crisis with Georgia where territory
Torries that were given to Georgia by Stalin were seen it
Interqual to know Georgia and people like uh uh
McCain word up their pasta ring with self it in Ukraine
Ukraine about how was the name of the integrity of view of Georgia have to be respected in


looking looking at the historical background of the circumstance
I hope I got some of our time I’m not fur
draconian crackdown on occupying a square justice
what I was into for the draconian response that the US did to us
to the Occupy movement Princeton so um a lot of
what there and I just I just like the people out of a look into the Sun with a lot more
I’ll talk to you then well put a hind it all in


nope nope reefer units for sure but I just think that the economic dimension
is not treated affected the EU of Urbino 600 million
million dollars in a package and that the the pipeline for gas
for calf that goes through the Ukraine which I guess you cremeens Porter anywhere
anyway II better a better I’m out I’m not keep going cuz I probably could but I think
thanks so much I hope you can’t read some of those a little piece of the theif
the issue thank you ok ball thank you very much in the womb let’s see how


see how we can a cracked is open one of the things I heard Paul talking about was
looking at the austerity programs at the European Union has been on
has has been working with some with with with some of the nations in the relief
financial trouble from the front for from from the recent recession
I don’t know if an association agreement brings you closer to that those
does notifications yes the way it does
CNN in a fairly direct way um yeah I try to Parsi economic services


myself about about what the pros and cons of the two economic remix R
and if its rather difficult
how to eat a sin Yahoo valuable thing I can say is that
the logic of opening Ukraine to the to the Western market
market and Western travel does come with it up a number stipulations
do you have to have to integrate with r are economic legal structure
face soap on the ice rink I remember to figure Street in 80 loss


what expect the Ukrainian Parliament pass OK O’Loughlin
which wouldn’t mind the more closely with the EU what Shortland effect
effects might be on there that would be disrupted
Volvo all those the comparison figures are
does he just the facts about her deal than the Russian
Russian custom Union offer which does not mean that that that there would be some
stress fair and it doesn’t mean that everyone would benefit


because one of the effects of of new liberal policies and I eat
he was not News liberal highly regulated 42 on is
is that inequality can and you can
increase even if the economy is growing its not straight forward but whatever
about the opening on n on
Ukrainian friends in academia before the Schengen
before the Poland join the EU who’s back and forth really a cross that border


Border Collies in Indian in Warsaw to Krakow and now they can
can I mix with reverse fat unfortunate facts
thats that blocks that border between Poland
which is the golden in the Ukraine EU border the used to be
how to be much more open border the time will certainly when was the Soviet republics video
satellites Kevin after that before Poland became part of the
Schengen visa free travel sandwiches uniquely you


you but I take it being part of the troubles on looks
can be pretty attractive ohyes for doing business for videos
for tourism for education in for jobs
apps that border is significant in breaking it would be very useful
what are the things that that that
Paul brought up in a camel’s Justice Cushing some of the laws that would be
that would be asked for under the Association Agreement are those things that are


things that are the bait in Ukraine as as as as as controversy goes forth
admission yes there was Anderson divisions are some 2000 West and East
uniform of the West was for the USO station
I know that you switch for Russians Asian Amazon there’s a lot of debate how are now
everything turned on November 30th when the students that were protesting
not signing the US huge numbers in Winder brulee clear
cleared out from the square Desmond really does the petrol point of everything turning off


can you speak with a lot of people protesting for the square right now they will tell you this is not about
what about the you anymore how to write this is about the corruption this is about what happened
happened since you came out here to children came out here in the things that you can see in
teen public opinion polling is in the lead up to the moment the dream in the Odyssey
Association bring it already been initial initial in spring median in 2000
2012 what the public was really split 46
roughly write 33 so Reilly favor the reason


maturity I’m looking for figures in December
um support for the customs union Russia I’m going down for the b****
but wasn’t so much about about the pros and cons of the
the agreement that just about the the protest the reactions
feeling that that u Paramus being pushed around unfortunately historically
being in between major economic and political forces in Ukraine space
fade so perhaps a lease in the short term not a good the crackdown was not a good political move


remove for president which of 49 and thats it thats whats partner has no
listen to short break down we have a callable get back to when we were
when we return when we talk more about the situation in Ukraine with you if I lost it
student in Ukraine native not Scott and Kara left a little science professor
Sesser here at the University of Illinois focus on wyll

welcome back to focus


Jim meadows in discussing the situation in Ukraine demonstrated supposed to Russia
Russia’s continuing influence in the country are protesting in the capital city Kiev against
Indian president 5000 Fitch my guests are Irina tanaka
native of Ukraine and a law student at the University of Illinois and your life lyrics
political science professor Carol F I wanted to make note of events coming up this
this Friday afternoon and that is a panel discussing what’s going on
Ukraine are run by the Russian East European and Eurasian Center at the U


at the U of I its called um understanding the Ukrainian my dad
Rite Aid on my tongue we all want to say made in here but it’s my time
understanding the Ukrainian my dad between Russia and the EU Carol
Carol left you’ll be a panel is there as well as Costas of a quarter cup
doctors select your in political science and onyx and Rottweiler Electra in Slovak
Slavic languages and literature that will be taking place at the library information
science building at 501 East Daniel Street in Champaign room


126 that’s this Friday from 1 to 3 p.m.
we have a car that’s been waiting patiently David from Urbana Online 2
good morning urine focus yes pursuant to the comet
just before the break up think people died under wear
generally of the closer relationship of the Ukraine in Poland
Poland through the Middle Ages and down into the
I fink 18th century they were at times unified


at times 10 the Ukraine would be the capital of Nevada
another time the capital would be in Poland and is very very
are important relationship that only ended when the
neighboring powers divided up Central Europe
if you could go further than that because after world war 2
421 of the things Stalin did which politically turned out to be very stupid in 1991
a1 is move the Soviet borders West


into Poland and then move Poland West Germany
gobbling up the Baltic States been independent between the two wars and take
can taking parts of a point point Ukraine on a mix Porter air
terraria where is actually sandwich in never been part of the Russian Empire but have been
been part of Poland when pulling with divided in part of your world Poland
that that boundary in how many names are there for you City Maryland
different languages 35 right on that reflects that history of of the way


the way the Poland and Ukraine Borderlands route 22
very good point of reference point not disturb you rush a bike
your back home battle region between
Russia and what we call the West as a matter of fact
fact I was talking with some When I was talking with the former internal parts Royal Star
who has who has a visited this is Ukraine on a Fulbright scholarship
shipping and Men band has been the following situations and I was asking him about


about I guess there is a movement for Ukraine infect your city
Lviv to a host of Winter Olympics 2022
who and Tyrell was wondering if ur have semi be a project that was done for have some cooperation
with Pullman CC the things that was something that was not without an outside around
possibility that would be the first time we just posted along with hole in the Euro Cup
which is on your soccer tournament and a specially the dream
region is always been car burning with Paul and I have my city we still don’t know


originator weather today so
when we see a situation where the Ukraine
crane is looking for closer ties with the EU and closer ties with Poland which is part of the EU
BECU but Poland being a former Soviet satellite and you
Ukraine being a former Soviet republic what is that look like to the leaders of the Russian Federation
Russian Federation well for women intimidating considering download
mean moving away or less control over the region if you think


think all the way back to 1991 Soviet Union collapsed the timetable there was a coupe
analogous the trigger event that pulled apart the Soviet Union
literally December was the Ukrainian vote for independence referendum
random on and when that referendum pass Handley
the of the Russian president Nelson decided without
without Ukraine what’s the point of the Soviet Union Dr EGOT
got together with the the dream presidency Belarusian president Nathalie just


just just said there’s no constitutional not pass for this is over
Cain and what comes next bus come some kind of relationship
so that is for Russians that is very important area in speedos
Kevin Roose which is geographically you
Ukraine was the big is regarded by many Russians as the founding members
the finding state of Andrews were talking about talking about
bottle and a people and government existed 1000 years ago bright


right hand but that was the area where was Christianity was was the
what you was in Brea spy in the eastern region eastern regions
regions in the Russian and that’s you got that whole reason
Muscovy Moscow what’s the latest a little later States
Ashley ethnically Ukraine Russian at that point is probably wrong with Russians
oceans 11 presidents refrain what is this is interesting I want to Saint David for calling
calling in bring this up as we were talking about time between Poland and also to


also ties between Russia and Ukraine looking at a & a of atom
ata country were were many people speak Ukraine and many many people speak Russian
Russian and I assume many people speak both Plus there are
according to Wikipedia about 18 recognized regional languages
I was wondering the languages what are the languages you speak back home will Ukraine is the predominant
Domino one but growing up in you pronounce in Russian polishes all because of Niger
position polish was something I heard of it so you can you can you can become


trilingual and but but but thats thats also a marker
Parker in some ways of who you are in Ukraine and somebody in the eastern part of Ukraine
Ukraine would be speaking a different language is perhaps absolutely
um you know there been since revenant somebody Ukrainian Hogan st. Cream with me
and um I’ve known people from the last so sometimes
interesting what happens in Kiev the capital where to meet
and it just sounds of this that describe a lot of difficulty in 7&a


dan and setting up the countries feature direction when you have these two cultural streams
dreams coming in the haven’t quite blended its not a melting pot quite is it
and then some people might want to see The Melting Pot that’s not what it is yet
what is the issues were the issues is linguistic
what should rushing be a second official language of not bats
yeah that set up a subjective controversy country in the head
the husband have been controversial laws also ones that are allowing russian tortoise


Corbin schools are only talk to Russian regions or sis having a crayon
languages instructions which soda has been one of laws that country song however
the situation progress is the best time to realize that language is something that can be
disabled prior to archers of corruption I’ve been wondering
wondering when Paul called he brought up I think the ideas of the US off of the US is
Asus role in the solar fair and the beat tapes which were us
someone someone baracy with the US diplomatic official speaking despair


disparagingly in Sumiton not so many words off of the European Union
what does what’s in it for the US what happened to you
to Ukraine what does it mean to Americans what happens in Ukraine
I think that they are you I think that
AAU you please we were talking about how much coverage didn’t didn’t
didn’t get on use the issue the trigger issues that was won
what was in it for the EU what is in it for an infant western you


Europe would you always of concern to us we don’t want that area
destabilise up but you but I say
but I think that I would be interesting the AC issue in other wise
what are the reasons during the Orange Revolution
that that on the guns of the West in Volusia Poland
as a member of the EU was so adamant they were just a just entered the EU
an element of their neighbor in Ukraine you don’t want to get


the intention of the West so this is important to Poland
meaning of me talk about the relationship but I’m saying I’m saying
is weed interesting I think that you I think that we are concerned about
about the stability of any of that region up b***
the EU and Europeans more concerned because
the the the boundaries between you and me
its neighboring states which nation has played in with a call neighborhood policy


I’ll see something that you never had policy on your husband
nonyx takes as well as stability stinks and SR is United States a country
proponent of democracy this should be relevant because this is the situation
NFL we are the emergency say then this is
this is absolutely Road important is well I want to mention that I we still have time
time for your foot your calls Hiiraan focus to talk about the situation in UK
Ukraine with the guy with the Mirena should not Scott she’s a law student


student hear the oven and a native of Ukraine and with your vital signs
science professor Carol left for phone numbers are 1 800 to 2294
9455 1 800 222 WILL
you can email acid will dash talk at Illinois
edu II take it in that for for Russian for the Russian Federation flag
putting the states are higher its if they lose economic influence
once over Ukraine it’s more than just a matter of losing face it’s something that really


the counts for Russia for a
Russia has control over the neighboring regions through the means of
of trade a lot of the former States rely on it for China
the only explanation for the states live in Ukraine would be losing one of those
States to control to be able to trade in Cheaper ground there’s a lot of business
business in Ukraine special Eastern the Russian businessman are involved in
umm go mining those kind of things so it would be more than just down


status of state is the moon to the earth
police going into this crisis green treated equally with
with the EU and Russia probably going to mention
the big the big card that buy cell phones with the energy card
because you do not have the oil and natural gas supplies
that the sum of the day do they do Relion Russian
Russian embassy supplies and in the past several occasions rush is turned off


tap that send that actually gas from a taxi a private company but
Russian government has a lot of sway with gas from oil pipelines
indeed in fact they what Russian has done incorporation
build up under sea part pipeline
Justin natural gas and and bypass Ukraine on Twitch
which which is often running now I think has been for the last 2 years
and there’s also in a package at the Ukraine Got from from Russia


breeding looking at a decent time magazine report which summer summarizes
is it just really Schedule E but that when I yawn when President unico b****
decided not to go with the European Union for closer time
showtimes with Russia what he got was a 15 billion dollar loan from Russia
Russia enuff to help Ukraine avoid bankruptcy because the government finances
this is not the best right now but as the demonstrations have continued
um ma Scout frozen emergency loan on January


January 30th and the Vista
in this this apparently on has has has led to some of the crackdown the temple
what happens when you and that a package to 15 billion and some
energy subsidies I was up
upfront a lot more than you could directly off ur b*** is Ian order of magnitude
YouTube on your what whatever the long term effects were on
Ukraine is an economic the fiscal crisis in Europe for the last year


and you know I’m on the verge of not being able to pay its debt forum
foreign currency reserves down its deep trouble witches White Russian
could you could make a deal reviews Anders wife
is why I’m at I do say there was disputed by the youth of the nation within the People
people because it wasn’t cool it wasn’t clear weather this is about a package
another package be a better option however it is the long term effects of people are concerned about the poor
about the political facts not just dumb Montebello this happening right now but


mean later on for Ukraine Irie ty dolla $ign Irie now to be alone
the little brother once again lets let’s go ahead and take another call 911
Lawrence in Savoy good morning urine Focus good morning on just one of the small
small educational input here what u.s. State
is the approximate size in land mass to Ukraine
and I was wondering about that I was able to figure out its worth about what three Illinois
what would but California peak via proxy


I’m here in cricket
does anybody use Lowrance did you know the answer
why called ok I’m afraid I have to
I have to look it up well all odds
do what I can as as quickly as a Youngsta and sounds like it probably has
probably have to be with Satan Illinois I know I was comparing it
tearing it with California Ukraine has more people in California that is for sure


think California has about 38 million people and um
Ukraine is more like what 4698 um
let’s see if I can find the landmass here we are 233
3000 square miles is the is the a
is is the landmass for Ukraine and by the miracle of the Internet
let’s see what I can find out about California um
sorry for the iOS Sorry Sorry for the POS


POS is here um here we are
about 163000 square miles so big in California
I don’t know if there’s big is Alaska but it certainly of a sizable search
certainly a sizable country as I said at the beginning of the program the largest
country in Europe that is entirely in Europe engine turns on land mass
so that’s really a major part of the European continent in and you know what is the things about
about that land masses that mean miss cover man has


has paid heavy price because you cream at the beginning was considered a new state
do you say that 925 well control and energy sources
unfortunately cold which is nausea normal useful b***
but it was a very developed part of the former Soviet Union and add
end of the axon Russia a large a lot of of
what they call Olive Garden what is deceased iTunes close ties to government
no are part of the corruption stories that that that is mentioned here today


very important so if it has it has the breadbasket of
the former Soviet Union has had a lot of resources and human capital
DeLand and you’re so it’s no wonder that people are so um
disappointed with the quality of government has that that is the question
we have a country which is rich in a lot of ways but its government is is really on
on the brink of financially how to get that way
is the most management as mentioned


management of the current government pass government Arby’s
what is the one of the major figures of the orange revolution on the side of
democracy was Yulia Tymoshenko know the moment Cheese in jail for
4 acts at that she committed as prime minister
ironically in making sure that it is the government of government
did you go to deal with 21 to make is she was known as
known as the natural gas princess mean she was herself one of these


these always arcs that had your fingers in the pines in fact
does that’s the irony of the Orange Revolution it isn’t that see when the opposition
physician one that was a bunch of new politicians with no ties to the state Houston co weather
does the new president have been Prime Minister before the Machine Co you have been inactive
political figure I forgot my Toshiba she had before she became prime minister
so there’s a political week that really is on New Years
ian is really tight into this economic story about about


is the capital is wild west after the collapse of communism
the diffrentce the two revolutions of George Wilson’s are political animals
petition does the leaders of the revolutions here
how to play on equal footing with a citizen to 11 students
um I just interested and which political party sex
actually the position of the three parties and it’s more about the money
the modern state for a long time no just for who gets to be the next pope


party in power for the next term well question is how you can
you can make that so to change happen especially now where things are in a crisis
I get the impression that the Olympics put some things in hold
old because Russias nothing to do anything dramatic when everybody’s
buddy’s looking at them but maybe in a few weeks of vitamin foods
food my to side to do something concerning Ukraine what are people in Ukraine
talking about that they fear might happen assurance local content of violence


crackdown um day today they’re not sure what’s coming tomorrow and
and um weather the states going to buy cough or sneeze more power
what options did what options does the does the protesters have to think
do you think they don’t have money it’s difficult to even
consider what would happen if they blocked off right now because
the fear of 2004 love again going back into the same as a man weather to be a chance
17 million Ne near future to bring this up again at the president has reached


right now I want to love we we we had another calling from
David called earlier and he was wondering if um um
terms of the gas issue with certain things to talk about the cranes Energies
Security if a normal icing relations with Iran would help with that
is there is is Ukraine talking with around what’s the relation to the country have right now
what what is the things about energy transport is you can’t just put it on
putting on a plane or on a train and moving coli is there a pipeline


flight path around and Ukraine Wilder Priceline positrons Russia
thats that does seem to have a little difficulty in this despite
pipeline what was the Russians call Transit dependents for transit independence
Ender’s is your part of the post Cold War struggle can we have
we have pipelines in and transports natural gas after all this point liquefied
which is a technology that’s growing tensions between the ship that have to go through pipeline
you have to know that you can get something that doesn’t pass through


Russian Russians work hard to make sure that it maintains the Hobbit and energy
NJ Transit what was the final minutes of the broadcast in one of them
bring that over to you Rihanna what are you hoping one of your hopes for your
for your country as to what will happen next in Tennessee to pass through the eye
do the outcome that you that you’re hoping for wellbutrin vs stability and
send a real change change the role of the year did for the US
here’s to come in the passage the school to be a teen center definition of international terminal


are some kind of support from the international community hope you’re getting rudy Gay
getting was awesome is this becomes amor el Avion and
publicized bud and end of the day the true hope is a real change
change the government within the corruption that has really a tail
tailed beasts of the generation that are coming up right now Israel
is replacing president Jana Cova the only option the protesters will accept
Addison yes that’s the best and Ally episodes so earlier


earlier call we have an email came in that said there’d benefits Jess Indiana
replaced everybody is government except himself wouldn’t do
do I use already have the discovery site
Passage to call early elections weather he resigns in which case is the
Prime Minister be acting president imagen en tren cabin in any way
early elections what would be the constitutional path of a president
president resign and his is Shirley that’s in the Constitution you can do that


the weather that will happen with Russia breathing down Ukraine’s naked all the way
all the rushes to nothing really like her
well I want to think I guess we giving us a window in the Ukraine and the political struggle underway there
are there thanks to you both of your five little science professor Carol F and Ukraine
Ukraine native and law student Irina’s 2009 thank you
thank you thanks everyone who called her email to their questions are apologies to anyone who did
who didn’t make it to the air f*** is produced by Lindsey moon Jason Croft are technical director Ryan


Ryan Webber are intern thanks also to Ultrastar a former intern from your spouse
back for his background information on Ukraine this is focused on WILL

Anti-government protests in Ukraine have continued to escalate since November with tens of thousands of protestors gathering in Kiev’s Maidan Square throughout the winter. Crowds are now calling for President Viktor Yanukovich’s resignation.

This hour on Focus, host Jim Meadows talks with Associate Professor of Political Science Carol Leff about the protests and about what’s ahead for the country. Iryna Sukhnatska, a law student at the University of Illinois who immigrated to the states from Ukraine in 1999, also joins the show. Some of her family has been protesting, and she says it is hard to watch the violence play out from afar.