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Undergraduate Admissions Reflect More Diverse State


The Director of Undergraduate Admissions at the University of Illinois says this year’s enrollment numbers reflect the changing demographics in the state.

Andy Borst says the number of white and African-American students in the state are decreasing even as the state’s diversity is increasing "especially among Hispanic and Latino students." He added, "That’s the primary market that’s increasing over the next 10 years."

If the U of I wants to add more low-income and minority students, especially African-American scholars, Borst said the university will have to increase its financial aid offerings. African-American total enrollment increased by six-tenths of a percent this year.

Borst explained that the Undergraduate Admissions has to make sure the university has enough academic services and infrastrucutre before setting an admission goal. He added the Urbana campus will plan on offering more online graduate classes in the coming years to increase enrollment.

"Our stratetic enrollment management plan has that we will grow our graduate online programs but will we will maintain the size and quality of our undergraduate populations," Borst said.

Overall, Borst says he is very pleased that the Urbana campus was able to admit 7500 new undergrads this fall.