What’s Happening In Science At U Of I?

Portrait of Joanne Manaster

Joanne Manaster is a faculty lecturer in biology at the U of I's School of Integrative Science

Provided by Joanne Manaster

Brian Moline and Joanne Manaster (@sciencegoddess) from the University of Illinois' School of Integrative Biology discuss some recent scientific research on campus regarding biofuels and cancer patients.

Madhu Khana from the College of ACES co-wrote a research paper that examined whether exporting lower-emission wood pellets to Europe to be burned in place of coal really is better for the environment.

"Even by the time there are some forests cut down, and the manufacturing process, and the shipping, it (the emissions) was a lot less," Manaster said.

Somewhere between 74 and 85-percent less, according to Khana's research.

Meanwhile, another study co-authored by U of I professor emeritus in pathology Keith Kelley concluded that traditional Chinese medicine, including acupuncture and therapeutic massage, improved quality of life for Chinese cancer patients.

"A lot of cancer patients are suffering with pain, anxiety, and insomnia," Manaster said.  "It looks like these things do help.  I think it's great that they did this study, because it opens the doors for futher study of how this is happening."

Story source: WILL