News, Brews & Beatz

News, Brews & Beatz

In November 2021, Illinois Public Media launched News, Brews & Beatz. These quarterly community conversations are focused on serving the Black community here in central Illinois and are the brainchild of our Assistant Corporate Support Director Jill Clements and our Director of News and Public Affairs Director Reginald Hardwick.

News, Brews & Beatz strives to always provide a space for diverse voices to engage in breakthrough conversations regarding pressing community issues and allow for realistic solutions to be identified. The inaugural year of events focused on the gun violence crisis here in Champaign-Urbana, and much of the solution-based work discussed at these events could be applied to communities across the country.

News, Brews & Beatz also works to highlight the diverse and impactful work of Black artists throughout our region.

Watch past events on our News, Brews & Brews YouTube playlist.

The Impact of Housing & Economics on Gun Violence


  • Ruby Mendenhall
    Ruby Mendenhall
  • Rachel Joy
    Rachel Joy
  • Evelyn Reynolds
    Evelyn Reynolds
  • Lily Walton
    Lily Walton


  • Missy Richland
    Missy Richland
  • Ryan Byfield
    Ryan Byfield