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217 Today

Keep up with news in Central Illinois every weekday with 217 Today. Hear the day's headlines, along with one deeper dive, in just ten minutes. Learn about the people and places that make Central Illinois unique with 217 Today.

21st Show

A public radio talk show that brings you the news, culture, and stories that matter to Illinois.

WILL News Feed

In-depth reporting from WILL, NPR, the Associated Press, and other public media news sources.

Public Interest:

Legal Issues in the News

Faculty from the University of Illinois College of Law provide commentary on current legal affairs for WILL's Legal Issues in the News.

Rising To The Challenge

The University of Illinois System's Rising to the Challenge podcast explores the work of researchers, innovators, and newsmakers from across the University of Illinois System. Each episode takes you behind the scenes to learn about exciting new discoveries and initiatives directly from the experts. The podcast also explores how challenges faced by University of Illinois System's universities in Urbana-Champaign, Chicago, and Springfield as well as the state have lead to innovation that benefits the public good, in Illinois and beyond.

That's What She Said

Something remarkable happens when everyday women come together to share their extraordinary stories. The She Said Project gives women a microphone. Join our hosts, co-founder Kerry Rossow and National Director, Jenette Jurczyk each week as they visit with some incredible women who braved the microphone to share their stories on the She Said stage. 


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Commodity Week