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Bonus Episode: Visiting with Nevaeh Essien and Izzy Gonzales about their experiences in “That’s What Teens Say”

side screen photo with two girls embracing in a side hug on the left and another girl smiling on the right

Nevaeh Essien and Izzy Gonzales The She Said Project

In this special bonus episode of The She Said Project Podcast, hosts Kerry and Jenette talk about the power of sharing stories...for teen girls!

"That's What Teens Say" is a three-day empowerment program that launched in 2018 to take local teen girls through the experience of finding their story, owning their story, sharing their story. In this episode, we visit with two young ladies who participated in the program, Nevaeh Essien, from the inaugural program in 2018, and Izzy Gonzales, who has joined the "That's What Teens Say" weekend twice. Nevaeh and Izzy share their experiences from the program, and catch us up on how they continue to be bold and brave and share their unique voices.

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