Lija Fisher

Episode 29: Visiting with Lija Fisher of Boulder, CO and her story, “How Sasquatch Saved Me”

In her story, "How Sasquatch Saved Me," Lija Fisher of Boulder, CO shares how she found her true calling to become an author of books for young readers. Can the search for a mythical creature change the course of your life? Tune in, with our hosts Kerry and Jenette to find out!   

Vicki Clark

Episode 28: Visiting with Vicki Clark and her story, ‘Break Down, Break In and Break Through’

Sometimes it takes completely breaking down so you can rebuild your life and use your experiences to empower and inspire others. Our guest, Vicki Clark, learned that lesson the hard way in her deeply moving story, "Break Down, Break In, and Break Through." 

Woman holds microphone on stage

Episode 27: Visiting with Kelly Ryan and her story, “Off To A Rocky Start”

Get ready to laugh with Kelly Ryan as she reveals the details of an awkward first date that changed her life forever. In this week's episode, our hosts Kerry and Jenette ask her about the surprise that caught everyone off guard when she was on stage during the live "That's What She Said" show in February 2020.

Morningstar Angeline

Episode 26: Visiting with Morningstar Angeline and her story, ‘Foundations and Fragments.’

Morningstar Angeline embraces her Native American upbringing and culture in her coming of age story, "Foundations and Fragments." Kerry and Jenette learn how she continues to share her story and her people's stories through filmmaking and performing.  

Woman stands on stage with microphone

Episode 25: Visiting with Jen Cochrane and her story, “Better.. Faster.. Stronger..”

Jen Cochrane truly had to overcome her fear of public speaking to share her story on the "That's What She Said" stage. She chose to be brave and do it anyway to be an example for her daughters. Jen shares with Kerry and Jenette how taking that step has helped her be "Better... Faster... Stronger."  

woman looking in a mirror putting on lipstick and wearing a scarf on her head

Episode 24: Visiting with Michelle Vought and her story, “No More Miss Priss”

Our hosts Kerry and Jenette meet up with Michelle Vought to remember her funny, yet empowering story "No More Miss Priss," shared in one of our virtual She Said Story Sharing Showcases. Quiet and obedient while growing up, Shelly learned to embrace her inner superhero and blossom into Michelle, the self-assured woman who figures out how to do things her way from now on.

Vera Traver holding a microphone and speaking on the She Said stage

Episode 23: Visiting with Vera Traver and her story, “Make A Wish”

In "Make A Wish," Vera Traver reveals a long and traumatic journey with addiction and loss. Through her recovery, she is reunited with all six of her children, and she is made whole again.

Kelly Hill on stage

Episode 22: Visiting with Kelly Hill and her story, “Title IX Gave Me My Wings”

Kelly Hill visits with hosts Jenette and Kerry to talk about her appearance in the 2020 live That's What She Said show in Champaign, IL. In her story, "Title IX Gave Me My Wings," Kelly shares her passion for team sports and coaching as well as the struggles she had to overcome to have both a career and a family.

Lisa Kumagai in front of a window with the ocean shown in the background.

Episode 21: Visiting With Lisa Kumagai And Her Story, “You Are Allowed To Be Here.”

In her story, "You Are Allowed to Be Here," Lisa Kumagai from Torrance, CA shares the heart-wrenching story of her husband's suicide and her own journey of healing and forgiveness. From our very first virtual She Said Story Sharing Showcase, she read a letter she wrote to her old self from "before", and we learn how she has coped with her tragedy to become a stronger version of herself.

Isak Griffiths

Episode 20: Visiting with Isak Griffiths and her story “Soggy Teddy Bear”

Isak Griffiths chose to share a dark story from her past, a side of her that many in the Champaign-Urbana community do not know. In "Soggy Teddy Bear," she reveals some difficult challenges from her past and reminisces with our hosts how powerful the experience of sharing those dark secrets can be to leading a full and happy life.

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