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Something remarkable happens when everyday women come together to share their extraordinary stories. The She Said Project gives women a microphone. Join our hosts, co-founder Kerry Rossow and National Director, Jenette Jurczyk each week as they visit with some incredible women who braved the microphone to share their stories on the She Said stage.

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Season 8

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Season 6

two women sit on barstools on a stage
That's What She Said

Episode 57: Visiting with Deb Frank Feinen and Julia Rietz of Champaign, IL and their story, “A Mayor & A State’s Attorney Walk Onto a Stage”

Some special guests joined our hosts to share a sneak peek into the women behind the titles. Mayor Deb Frank Feinen and State's Attorney Julia Rietz share some career highlights and struggles, as well as how they find solace and support in friendship, as evidenced by the story they shared onstage in "That's What She Said" 2019 in Champaign, IL.  

Season 5

Woman stands on stage with a microphone with people behind her on couches
That's What She Said

Episode 49: Visiting with Elizabeth R. Ortiz and her story, “To Scale: Reframing Our Relationship with Our Bodies”

Jenette and Kerry are excited to introduce our first guest from Allentown, PA, where the Junior League of Lehigh Valley launched That's What She Said in March 2022. They have a meaningful discussion with Elizabeth R. Oritz and her mission to change how women view their bodies, as she shared in her story, "To Scale: Reframing Our Relationship with Our Bodies."

Season 4

Woman stands in front of a bookshelf
The She Said Project

Episode 35: Visiting with Cobey Flynn in Barcelona, Spain, and her story, “The Fine Print”

This week we visit with Cobey Flynn, the first international She Said Speaker! Cobey chats with Kerry and Jenette about sharing her story in the 2020 virtual event, "She Said Story Sharing Showcase," when she joined the cast from her home in Barcelona, Spain. They revisit the humorous take on important life lessons learned by Cobey in her performance of "The Fine Print."

Season 3

one woman sits on a couch and two other women sit on a loveseat
The She Said Project

Episode 30: Visiting with Casey Wakefield and her story, “Out of Control” with co-founder Jill Harlan Pyrz

It's a family reunion this week on The She Said Project Podcast! Kerry, Jill and Casey—the original founders of "That's What She Said”—reunite to reflect on the early beginnings of the show and the movement. Casey Wakefield talks about how difficult it was to share her story, "Out of Control," in front of an audience during the first ever live show.   

Lisa Kumagai in front of a window with the ocean shown in the background.
She Said Project

Episode 21: Visiting With Lisa Kumagai And Her Story, “You Are Allowed To Be Here.”

In her story, "You Are Allowed to Be Here," Lisa Kumagai from Torrance, CA shares the heart-wrenching story of her husband's suicide and her own journey of healing and forgiveness. From our very first virtual She Said Story Sharing Showcase, she read a letter she wrote to her old self from "before", and we learn how she has coped with her tragedy to become a stronger version of herself.

Season 2

Genevieve Pilon

Episode 17: Visiting with Genevieve Pilon and her story “Serenity”

Genevieve was part of the very first cast in Bloomington-Normal and shared her story, "Serenity" about her journey to be confident in her life, after a long and painful struggle accepting that she was gay. She shares with Jenette and Kerry how much impact that opportunity had on her personal life after the show and her hopes that her story will bring peace to others who are struggling with self-acceptance.

Season 1

Tara Hurless speaking into a microphone

Episode 10: Visiting with Tara Hurless and her story “Soccer Mom”

Soccer player and University of Illinois Hall of Famer Tara Hurless faced the struggle of her life when she and her wife decided to start a family. In episode 10 of the She Said Project Podcast, she recounts the story from the stage, play by play, as they worked together to overcome each unexpected obstacle they met along the way.

Amy Armstrong speaking on a stage with women listening to her in the background

Episode 5: Visiting with Amy Armstrong and her story “Get a Grip”

Amy Armstrong is a recognized leader in her community.  So it was unexpected when she chose to share her struggles of divorce and parenting in her story "Get a Grip" in the 2013 production of That's What She Said.  In this episode we learn why this story was important and how she continues to strive to be what her children need.