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Meet Danville Symphony Orchestra’s Next Music Director

After a year-long search process, the Danville Symphony Orchestra has just announced its next music director. Conductor Matthew Sheppard was selected from over 60 highly qualified applicants to lead the local professional orchestra. He takes over for Jeremy Swerling, who held the position for 27 years before retiring in 2023. Visit Clef Notes to learn more about Maestro Sheppard and his goals for the Danville ensemble.

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Atomic Age Cocktail Party
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Shimmering Strings (105)

On this edition of The Atomic Age Cocktail Party, a show filled with tons of Shimmering Strings! It’s a look at music from the hi-fi era that featured lots of lush…
Evening Concert
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“The Sound of 13” and “The Middle”

Thursday night July 18 at 7:00 on WILL-FM 90.9 you’ll hear another episode of “The Sound of 13”, a program that investigates the intersection between the…
Classic Mornings
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The 217 Today Podcast
Rush University Medical Center’s emergency department was built for a disaster and is close to the United Center on the Near West Side. Doctors are preparing for potential what ifs during the Democratic National Convention next month, like an explosion or dozens of people getting pepper sprayed.

217 Today: From regular doctor visits to injured protesters, here’s how Chicago’s hospitals are preparing for the DNC

In today's deep dive, we'll learn how hospitals near the United Center are preparing for when the Democratic National Convention comes to Chicago.  


Prairie Fire

Rouley & Ruey: Morel Mushroom Hunt

Join us on a morel mushroom hunt in an undisclosed location with amateur enthusiasts and best friends Angie Rouley and Ruey Sandusky.  They'll tell us what to look…
Mid-American Gardener

Looking for garden inspiration? Visit the Idea Garden!

Join us at the Idea Garden in Urbana, Illinois to get inspired! Jennifer Nelson gives us a tour, highlighting maintenance techniques, pest and weed control, ways to keep…
State of Change
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Impacts of the climate crisis on communities of color

In 2023, the climate crisis became chaotic in Illinois. In our third annual State of Change report, we examine how higher temperatures are taking a toll on people, in…